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Gioco del Mago





Sogni di Bimba

Colombo tutto tondo (Opera buffa)

Marte sulla Luna

Madame Penguin

Progetto Contrabbasso

Animali Rari

12 Castighi - Per violino solo

7 Strilli - Per violino
Madame Penguin
"Madame Penguin" is the 9th Gatto Marte CD...
  1. The Bells After Life's Chase to Nowhere
  2. Sinfonia N. 3 (La Giudecca)
  3. Sinfonia N. 4 (La Turca)
  4. Azathoth
  5. Madame Penguin I
  6. Madame Penguin II
  7. Madame Penguin III
  8. Madame Penguin IV
  9. Madame Penguin V
  10. Madame Penguin VI
  • Nino Cotone: Violin
  • John Sheperd: Guitars
  • Maximilian Brooks: Piano
  • Ben Newton: Keyboards, Accordion
  • Pietro Lusvardi: Doublebass
  • Mark Knight: Drums Kit
Other Credits
  • Produced by Ben Newton in coordination with Gatto Marte
  • All drawings by Sara Honeywell Lusvardi
  • Recorded at St Mary the Virgin Church in Cottingham (UK) by Ben Newton
  • Cover by Maximilian Brooks Band’s photo by Paul Wilkinson Location photo by Maximilian Brooks
  • Special cheers to Giuseppe Brancaccio
  • Cheers to Sara, Rosa Lily, Luca, Chiara, Marta, Ilaria, Pono and everyone else from Camono, E’ nel Sole.