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Gioco del Mago





Sogni di Bimba

Colombo tutto tondo (Opera buffa)

Marte sulla Luna

Madame Penguin

Progetto Contrabbasso

Animali Rari
Madame Penguin
"Madame Penguin" is the 9th Gatto Marte CD...
  1. The Bells After Life's Chase to Nowhere
  2. Sinfonia N. 3 (La Giudecca)
  3. Sinfonia N. 4 (La Turca)
  4. Azathoth
  5. Madame Penguin I
  6. Madame Penguin II
  7. Madame Penguin III
  8. Madame Penguin IV
  9. Madame Penguin V
  10. Madame Penguin VI
  • Nino Cotone: Violin
  • John Sheperd: Guitars
  • Maximilian Brooks: Piano
  • Ben Newton: Keyboards, Accordion
  • Pietro Lusvardi: Doublebass
  • Mark Knight: Drums Kit
Other Credits
  • Produced by Ben Newton in coordination with Gatto Marte
  • All drawings by Sara Honeywell Lusvardi
  • Recorded at St Mary the Virgin Church in Cottingham (UK) by Ben Newton
  • Cover by Maximilian Brooks Band’s photo by Paul Wilkinson Location photo by Maximilian Brooks
  • Special cheers to Giuseppe Brancaccio
  • Cheers to Sara, Rosa Lily, Luca, Chiara, Marta, Ilaria, Pono and everyone else from Camono, E’ nel Sole.