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Gioco del Mago





Sogni di Bimba

Colombo tutto tondo (Opera buffa)

Marte sulla Luna

Madame Penguin

Progetto Contrabbasso

Animali Rari
"Faust" is the 6th Gatto Marte CD...
  1. Bass Blues
  2. The Demon's Ride
  3. Ossidiana
  4. Pandora
  5. Walking Mephisto 1
  6. The Pact
  7. Tacotaco Kazoo
  8. The Flight
  9. Hangbello
  10. A Contemplative Faust
  11. Cantus Firmus
  12. Variazioni sul tema
  13. Court's Valse
  14. Walking Mephisto 2
  15. A Kiss in the Fire
  • Giuseppe Brancaccio: Bassoon
  • Nino Cotone: Violin
  • Maximilian Brooks: Piano
  • Pietro Lusvardi: Doublebass
  • Michael Strunk: Drums & Percussion
Other Credits
  • Produced by Gatto Marte
  • Executive producer Alessio Brocca and Gatto Marte
  • Recorded live on the 22nd of January 2005 at the Golden State Theatre of Monterey, CA USA by Nino Cotone
  • Edited and mastered by Cristiano Cavallin at the SDR Studio in Agrate Brianza (MI)
  • Photography by Marcello Romano
  • Cover artwork by Maximilian Brooks