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The film begins with a pact between the devil and Archangel Michael. Mephisto tempts the old alchemist Faust; first with the possibility of making miracles for one day and then with the pleasures of youth. When Faust sells his soul to Mephisto, he gains eternal youth and the love of Gretchen. Faust kills Gretchen's brother Valentine and leaves the city. Gretchen's child dies and she is accused of murder. Faust renounces his youth and his life in order to save Gretchen's life. He gets to the place where Gretchen's execution is taken place and they burn at the stake and they ascend into heaven.

The pact is broken and love wins evil.

The film is directed by Frederich Wilhelm Murnau in 1926. It is his last film shot in Germany, after this film, he moves and works in Hollywood.

Gatto Marte and the Film
Gatto Marte

Italian eclectic quartet (violin, bassoon, piano and double-bass) founded in 1991. It's music has always been linked to theatre, cinema and visual arts in general as well as musical story-telling and the description of particular atmospheres. The music can be described as "eclectic chamber music" with melancholic moments and sense of humour, influenced by classical music of the 20th century as well as folk music (Mediterranean, Eastern European) and jazz (in mentality and approach, especially with the improvised pieces).

The ensemble has played all over Europe, recently in Belgium. In January they went to California to present their score of the film Faust at the Globe State Theatre in Monterey, California, with the occasion of the re-opening of the theatre.

Gatto Marte are:
Nino Cotone violin
Giuseppe Brancacciobassoon
Maximilian Brooks piano
Pietro Lusvardi double-bass
Danae 1997(self-produced)
Gioco del mago2000(Lizard)
Pieroino 2001(Music Center)
Leolombrico 2003(Music Center)
Marachelle 2005(Music Center)
Solo Projects: Pietro Lusvardi:
Progetto Contrabbasso2001(Music Center)
Animali Rari 2004(Music Center)
Music Festivals:
Autunno Musicale 1998
Arezzo Wave 2000
Strade del Cinema2002
Strade del Cinema2003
Con tristezza la morte del Gatto Marte1995
Puppet show 2001
Malombra (1917)by Carmine Gallone 75'2000
A Woman (1915)by Charlie Chaplin 20'2002
The Goldrush(1925)by Charlie Chaplin 85'2002
Ballonatic by Buster Keaton 35'2003
Faust (1926)by Frederich Murnau115'2005